Friday, 6 March 2015


We believe this bird to be an immature male bower bird ------ photo supplied by a club member ------- Female and male satin bower birds start out as an olive-green colour (green bird) ------ when the male reaches five years they commence the change from "green" to the lovely Satin colour of the mature male ------- full colour achieved at an age of seven years ------- The females maintain their olive green colour. This bird would be part way through the process. 

                                                                       ref. Aust. Museum web site.

Clown Bug ----- Amorbus robusta  4th instar ------ Pie Creek area.

Australian Leafwing Butterfly ------  Male ----- resting with wings open towards the sun ------- The wings bottom sides , which is a completely different color,camouflage with dry leaf patterns when closed  ------ hence the name.