Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Brown Ringlet Butterfly ----- Hypocysta metirius

Members on the Fig Tree board walk ----- discussing what was spotted on the morning walk

Giant Stinging Tree ---- Dendrocnide excelsa  ----- One of the features on the Fig Tree board walk

Little Yabba Creek ----- erosion was quite severe from recent floods ---- note debris in the trees.

Spectacled Monarch

Orange Bracket Fungus ----- Growing on its host ---- dead wood

Little Pied Cormorant ----- about to fish in Little Yabba Creek

Bell Miner ------ A bird that is always heard but very rarely spotted 

Australian Logrunner ------ family groups work the forest floor ------ blends very well in to the leaf litter .

Pale Triangle Butterfly in flight.

Yellow -throated Scrubwren  photo by Glen Fergus Wikicommons.
The wren not spotted on the day. The nest below is made from long twigs and vines lined with soft leaves and an array of feathers. The side entrance (not visible ) is weather proof. Seems to be a lot of work for such a small bird. The nest as shown may have been used in the last nesting season Jul.-Feb. Their area from about Cooroy /Bunya Mt. south to Mid N.S.W. is the birds territory.  The wren shares the scrub floor with Logrunners and in some areas Lyrebird. The wet tropics also hosts this bird.

Yellow-throated  Scrubwren Nest

The male Golden Whistler ----- always a favorite --- easy to photograph. The female on the left is not as colorful .

Native Green Elf Orchid ------on the forest floor at Charle Morelands ------ Stands about 150mm  ------ may not look like an orchid ----- take a close look at the bottom flower on the left  side of the two plants.

Orchid Swallowtail ------- Female under wing