Wednesday, 29 April 2015

KOALAS ------- WHERE ARE THEY ??????

When a group of local citizen realised that the Gympie regional council area had NO recent Koala mapping or a conservation plan they decided to take some action. Keeping in mind there are 32 koala zones in S.E.Qld. from Noosa west to Toowoomba and south to the N.S.W. boarder which have been mapped or are being mapped in the future. These maps can be viewed at
Gympie regional area is not included on these maps.
The Koala Action Group was formed and started to inform the general public of the need for urgent action to survey the district and create a conservation plan which will assist in maintaining a viable Koala population in our region. 
The public was asked to start their own Koala survey by spotting , noting the location , and sending that information to the Mary River Catchment group on 54824766 (MRCCC).
At the groups April meeting the local council officers present announced that a tender had been accepted for a koala survey to be done in the Gympie Region. The survey will be completed by October,2015.
It is hoped that all the data collected and the survey will be used to define koala areas, to establish vegetation corridors,marry more carefully development and environmental concerns and help to conserve the vulnerable koala for future generations in this area.

These photos were taken at Melawondi  in the Mary Valley , March 2015. Look at the health of these animals. No facial tumors in this population.
Members of the Koala action group ------- behind is a typical koala habitat ----- which may be under  threat .