Thursday, 21 May 2015


The morning outing was to a private property at Gheerulla, a 100ha property bound by Oakey creek and Mary river flats. The series of water holes and the long riparian zone provided good bird spotting opportunities.A total of 68 species were recorded for the morning..  Heavy cloud and threatening conditions were present on the day.
Black Swans

Australasian Darter (m) ----- swims with its body below the waters surface with only its long neck protruding ------ know as the Snakebird.

Fresh water birds were plentiful ----- Little Black Cormorant , Eurasian Coot and Australian Pelican.

Tabernaemontana pandacaqui  (Banana Bush) ----- The fruit are shaped like a miniature banana but are highly poisonous ------same family as the Oleander. 
The trees in the fore ground is the established riparian zone on Oakey creek ----- the rugged terrain in the background  is  part of the Kenilworth Bluff. 

Callicoma serratifolia ( BlackWattle) ----- This plant is of historic interest as the first timbers used for the daub huts of the early settlers at Sydney Cove . The white flower is a close resemblance to the Acacia resulting in the common name Black Wattle ----- The tree in the right conditions can grow to 12 M  -----It is not of the Acacia Family ---- this young plant in the riparian zone on Oakey Creek.        Ref. Australian  National Herbarium

The current project for the owners of this property is to protect the waterway from damage caused by stock and flooding. The well established riparian zone is being widened as seen by the new plantings. All the riparian zones are protected from grazing by fencing.
Club members discussing and evaluating the quality of the riparian zone.
Eastern Great Egret ----- Gape extends well behind eye ------ Over 1 Meter tall. ----- near the lagoons on Sam Kelly road ---- two weeks prior to the field day.

White-faced Heron -----  the lagoons at Sam Kelly road. ----- two weeks prior to the field day.