Sunday, 14 June 2015


A small number of the flock .
A trip to the local dump proved to be a very exciting day. This time of the year the seeds of the native and introduced species of grasses are ripe and falling to the ground. About 200 metres from my house , I could not believe my eyes when a flock of 30 plus Budgerigars lifted from the edge of the road. No camera or binoculars I was not sure my eyes were playing tricks. We don't have Budgerigars this close to the coastal strip!
Back home for the camera,  I snapped as many birds as possible with-in a small area. The full list spotted, Budgerigars ,Rainbow Bee-eaters , Lewin's Honeyeater , Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike , Dusky Woodswallows , Spangled Drongo , Grey Fantails, Willie Wagtails , Double-barred Finch.
This pasture seed and the associated insects provided food for both the insect and seed eating birds. They were there in large numbers and appeared to be in complete harmony,even the aggressive Drongo. With 80% of Queensland drought declared, Budgerigar feed may be very scarce west of the Great Dividing Range their usual habitat. The same time the following day, not one bird to be sighted , what luck.
Budgerigar in flight

Double-barred Finch
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike
Dusky Woodswallow