Monday, 15 August 2016

Wildflowers in Memoriam

Now that spring is in the air and the wildflower season is closely approaching, it seems a fitting time to remember a member who won't be with us this spring. She loved wildflowers, and birds and even bugs, and we will miss her terribly. The name is withheld at the request of the family, but here are a few of her pictures to remember her by. (Editor's note - I've had to guess at the identity of some, so any errors of identification are my fault.)
Banksia spinulosa - Golden Candlestick

Blue Forester Moth Pollanisus apicalis 

Bulbine bulbosa - Bulbine Lily, Wild Onion, Golden Lily, Leek Lily, Yellow Onion Weed or Native Leek

Hovea acutifolia - Purple pea bush

Melastoma malabathricum - Native Lasiandra, Blue tongue

Patersonia sericea - Native Iris

Pterostylis sp. - Greenhood Orchid

Scarlet Jezebel Butterfly Delias argenthona

Grevillea insignia - Wax Grevillea 

Xerochrysun bracteatum - Golden everlasting or Paper daisy

Golden Wattle

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